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If only men could touch like the beach breeze, women would be happy.

beach boobI went to the beach today, and I took that plunge to untie my top to prevent unnecessary tan lines.  I had no idea how horny it would make me.

A trip to the beach is like mental masturbation for the single and lonely. Laying almost nude in the sunshine as the breeze drifts softly over all your skin. It’s touch  is never too harsh, never catches stubble, sweat or fat rolls and always manages to simultaneously simulate all parts of your body at once, only interrupted by the occasionally sprinkle of sand on your back by child running by. The kids don’t know what a danger zone they’re in. Their hormones haven’t kicked in yet and are ignorant to the erroneous nature of the beach.

As I lay next to this stranger, a tan brunette with a ripe rump, I watched the sweat bead up on her stomach and my mind began to dive into the “inappropriate to tell your parents zone”. I wanted nothing more than to straddle her soft, butter tanned skin and gently pusher pink string bikini bottoms to the side and let my tongue slip between her hairless lips. As my tongue would plunge deeper into her, caressing and massing her inner folds, a silent moan would escape from her pursed lips. Her pelvis would gently start to thrust up and down, mimicking the methodically nature of my tongue.

As her playful moans grew louder, my left hand crawled up past her navel and slide under her triangle shaped top and gently squeezed her breast, my thumb circling her erect nipple. While my other thumb was planted square on her clit massaging tiny circles, as my tongue still slide back and forth, up and down, covering every part of her that men had neglected in the past.

She wouldn’t tell her husband of our secret encounter on the beach. Feeling the spasms of her pleasure made my groin throb with delight. The more she moans, the closer I can to violent thrusts of uncontrollable sin. We readjust our bodies so our hip bones touch. I am on top. We rock back and forth as I untie her top. Her luscious C-cup fills my hand. I suck on her nipples and slide my under hand back down on her clit. Her legs tremble and mine follow suit. She falls back on last gasp of ecstasy. My fingers fall across her inner thigh as I return to my respective towel- and become just another near by naked stranger, and realize that it was all, but a fantasy.

This is what happens when I untie my top and lay nipples to the sun, the breeze touching every inch of my body. Damn breeze makes for better foreplay than I’ve had in a while.

This is what it must feel like to be an 18-year-old boy. Horny all the damn time.